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La resistenza, la liberazione, la memoria


3 Febbraio 1944, il rastrellamento

On 3 February 1944 a department of the Nazi army carried out roundup raids against the partisans on the mountains around Foligno. More than twenty men were loaded onto a truck, taken to Perugia prison and, eventually, deported to the Mauthausen and Flossembürg concentration camps. Many of them died there.

The roundup of that day was one of the many acts of war committed by the German army against civilians with the aim of fighting the groups of partisans spread all over the Italian territory.

The first victims of that terrible roundup were three young people from Foligno, who were defending the Radicosa farmhouse, seat of the Garibaldi Brigata. The Nazis also reached Acqua Santo Stefano and captured as many men as they could; they rummaged houses and stables stealing whatever they could find.

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